A founder of two successful entertainment production companies, Paul Cranefield has produced and directed projects featuring New York Times Best Selling authors, international non-profit organizations, and nationally acclaimed musical acts. His award-winning work has been seen on national television programs, local news stations, the world-wide web, and at countless local and regional events; two recent projects have even seen international retail distribution.

Growing up in Seattle, Paul’s interest in video production began early. His talents were confirmed in high school when he enrolled in a radio/television production course and was working professional gigs before the end of the term. He pursued his production studies at Washington State University, where he became the first technically-oriented student to win the coveted “Edward R. Murrow Broadcaster of the Year” award.

After several years focusing on the technical side of production, he began to explore the creative aspect of screenwriting. In 1999, he was one of a handful of applicants from throughout North America, selected to attend an intensive screenwriting seminar in Hollywood called Act One. Discovering his knack for storytelling and combining it with his technical background, Paul has been able to finesse the art of storytelling through video in all aspects of the production process.

Being both an artist and businessman, Paul understands the challenges clients face when choosing to create a video. His philosophy is that any video should be seen akin to a kitchen remodel in a house; it is an investment that should pay for itself. A poor video simply throws time and money away; whereas, a well-produced video will see a positive return on the investment…an increase in traffic, visibility, interest and income.


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