At 3 Loaves Productions, LLC our passion is to tell compelling stories through video.

And we recognize that musicians have deeply personal stories they need to tell.  Regardless of the art form, it always comes down to great story telling.

We have worked with a wide variety of musical artists in diverse venues: arenas, casinos, nightclubs and intimate boutique studios.  Not only do we understand the integral role quality music plays in every successful video production, but we know the inverse is true as well: a quality music video, concert or demo reel is a must for any modern-day musical act to stand-out from among the thousands of musicians striving to get noticed by clubs, promoters and record labels.

Being artists, ourselves, we respect the difficulty musicians face when it comes to remaining true to their music and trying to make a living while doing it.

3 Loaves Productions, LLC is he
re to help you do it.